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Choosing A Ski Lodge Is Easy If You Do This

A ski lodge vacation is something that was once thought to be part of conversations of the social elite. It was thrown in with other casual talk about hitting the slopes, sipping on hot cocoa by a big fireplace, and keeping on eye on the markets.

When you stop and think about it, there is something quite exotic and breathtaking about traveling to a ski lodge, strapping on some skis, and zipping down a mountain. The allure of getting that close to nature & experiencing a true case of the wind whipping through your hair is quite appealing. As such, more of these places have realized that their increased success lies in attracting a wider range of the population. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

But as with any vacation plan, there’s always the need to talk about the actual planning, and that’s never fun. Still, running around with no direction, while sometimes entertaining, can prove to be wasteful in terms of time. When you decide that you and your family are going to a ski lodge for your next family getaway, you have to decide what amenities you need, as well as what room arrangements you desire for your lodging.

Choosing the right destination for your family isn’t hard, but you need to follow these steps:

Figure Out What You & Your Family Want/Need – Your vacation is a family trip, so why not actually get the whole family involved in the discussion. See what kinds of things the kids would like to experience. Who knows? You may even find that you and your spouse may be on different wavelengths, so having an honest discussion with everyone involved makes it easier to know what you want out of the ideal ski lodge.

Explore Alternative Activities – Take a page out of the Winter Olympics and realize that there are a number of other ways to enjoy the slopes. Snowboarding, tubing, and even just hiking are great ways to get the best out of the amazing terrain that a ski lodge affords you.

Explore The Town/Area – Don’t be anti-social. It can be a little easy to just hide away in your lodging without ever setting foot outside, but you’re missing out on one of the best parts of visiting a ski lodge – the town. Locals are very friendly and love to give insight into the hidden gems that visitors should experience.

Finally, it is important to know that your ski lodge needs to have one thing to actually pay-off in the long run – the ability to ski. Yes, it’s that simple. You can’t have a ski lodge without skiing! You need snow, mountains, and other snow sports available to you. Sure, there is the majesty of nature all around you, but if you’re going to a ski lodge, you need to be able to get on the slopes, even if you’re only on a bunny hill/slope.

Blend History With Mystery: Welcome To The Tropical Island Of Menorca

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation which combines the benefits of learning too, this panoramic island of Menorca situated amidst the azure Mediterranean Sea is the perfect choice. This Balearic Island which is known for its megalithic stone monuments will fill your vacation with a new lease of life.

Location and how to reach there

Menorca which is also known as Minorca is a small island in Spain which is close to another beautiful island Majorca in the archipelago of Balearic Islands. The name Minorca was given to show the contrast with the adjoining island Majorca. This rocky island measures 50 km across at its widest. To reach this beautiful place, you will have to catch a flight to Menorca international airport which is about 4.5 KMs from the capital city of Mahon.

Things to do when in Menorca

Apart from relaxing on the beach and enjoying the locally caught fishes and sea fishes in the exotic restaurants here, there are many places of historic importance which one can visit. The unspoilt beauty of the landscape will take your breath away and the idyllic pace of the city will set the mood for your vacation.


There are numerous megalithic stone monuments spread across the island which talk about prehistoric human activities. There are various evidences of Talayotic settlements scattered across the island. There are three types of architecture which are distinctly available in these areas which are believed to be dated back to 2000 BC.

One can see the T-shaped altars known as ”taluas,” which are unique to the island of Menorca. “Taulas,” mean ”tables” in the Catalan language which is spoken on this island. Many of these ”taulas” were buried long ago and they are made up of two huge slabs of stones. The ”taula” of ”Torralba d’en Salort” which is one of the thirteen preserved ”taluas” was found in an intact condition after unearthing the area.

The Menorcan ”taulas” are set in a horseshoe enclosure and are made up of two huge slabs of stone. They face the southern direction, and the entrance lies opposite the front face.

It is believed that these ”taluas” were built for religious or astronomical purposes. Spanish archaeologist J. Mascaro Pasarius suggested that the ”taula” possibly was a representation of some form of the “Bull God.” Archaeologist Michael Hoskin suggested that the ”taulas” may signify some form of ancient healing cult. Whatever may be the case, since they were built between 1000 BC and 300 BC by the natives of the Talaiotic culture, and no written records have been found for that era, we have to hugely depend on the speculations of the archaeologists.


”Navetas” are burial chambers which are again uniquely found only on this island of Menorca. They look like an upturned boat and got the name from Dr Juan Ramis which means the same in the local language. ”Naveta d’Es Tudons” is the most famous ”naveta” which is located in the western part of the island.

These structures have two vertical walls and a bell shaped wall in the middle. It is believed that they were built in the bronze age prior to the Talaiotic age and the lower chamber was used for storing the disarticulated bones of the dead after the flesh was removed from the carcass. The upper chamber possibly was used for drying the flesh of the dead bodies.


The talaiots, or talayots, are found on the islands of Menorca and Majorca and are believed to be used as watch towers or weather forecast towers. They date back to Bronze Age and till now about 274 of them have been found/excavated in this area. It is also believed that some of these monuments might have been used to safeguard the natives from foreign invasions, using them like forts.

This mysterious island has to offer a lot for a productive vacation. The gentle landscapes invite you to walk, cycle or ride while exploring the megalithic monuments. There are no sharp inclines and hence they are safe for everyone for a bike ride. You can think about getting into the water and swim. Diving, sailing, kayaking and paddle-boarding too are extremely popular sports on the island. On the whole, this island is full of so many activities and mysteries, that it surely has all the ingredients to make your vacation a memorable one.

Discover Things to Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth, a Bavarian themed town, is unlike any other city in Michigan. It feels like you have stepped back in time to when things were simpler, perhaps a little more peaceful. It’s a place where families can enjoy quality time together while forgetting the outside world. I enjoy visiting Frankenmuth throughout the year, not just in the summer.

Within about one square mile, this quaint town offers visitors a taste of Bavaria as they wander in and out of shops, enjoying chocolates, tasting wines, sampling cheeses and of course, dining on delicious famous chicken.

Speaking of chicken, it is impossible to talk about Frankenmuth without mentioning its world-famous chicken! Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn are owned by brothers, Mr. William Zehnder and Mr. Edwin Zehnder. The restaurants are located across the street from each other with both offering all-you-can-eat chicken dinners with all the trimmings in a beautiful Bavarian themed atmosphere. Consistent with the theme, cheerful servers dressed in Bavarian style uniforms deliver your hearty meals.

The Bavarian Belle Riverboat is another Frankenmuth favorite. For just a few dollars (cash only), you can sit back and relax as the river boat captain guides the beautiful covered boat down the Cass River. As a bonus, the Bavarian Belle is a family owned and operated business. As such, the father and sons operation strives to offer you the best possible experience with every trip down the river. Oh, and they pop delicious popcorn for each trip down the river!

As you take in the sights, the river boat captain will point out wildlife along the shore, sneak in witty jokes and share informative history about the area. There is never a dull moment as he points out homes of prominent Frankenmuth residents and discusses the Star of the West Milling Company as you catch sight of their operation near the river.

Wandering along Main Street is a feast for the eyes and stomach. Frankenmuth Cheese Haus attracts visitors young and old for a photo opportunity standing next to a huge wedge of bright yellow cheese with a mouse popping its head out at the top. Handmade candy, sausage and chocolate shops with large open windows draws in curious visitors. Don’t miss the hidden Castle Shops located on the lower level of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

South of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant toward the east is the nostalgic Covered Bridge. Vehicles and pedestrians alike can cross this bridge with safe walled pedestrian walkways on either side of the bridge. Be sure to walk on both sides of the bridge to enjoy the scenic view of Heritage Park and the beautiful downtown area. It’s especially exiting to cross the bridge as the Bavarian Belle glides below.

Lastly, the River Place Shops located at the south end of Main Street offers culinary delights such as SugarHigh Bakery that won Cup Cake Wars in Season 7, The Popcorn Wagon for 40 flavors of yummy popcorn and La Crepe du Jour for sweet and savory handmade crepes. River Place Shops contain oodles of family owned businesses catering to our taste buds, beloved pets and children. Clothing stores, wineries, a distillery and leather goods are sure to delight shoppers of all ages. Not to mention a small river meanders through the shopping area.

In closing, Frankenmuth contains more than meets the eye. Take the day or the weekend to explore this city rich with history and charm. Frequent festivals and events will bring you to Frankenmuth time and time again. You’ll be amazed with the hidden gems you discover during each visit!